Paediatric Clinical Guidelines 2016 – 2018 – 7th Edition


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From the inception of PiP, it was recognised that developing clinical guidelines together, was an efficient use of time and would assist PiP in meeting one of its objectives, “to improve the quality of services for children”.

Developing quality guidelines that would be useful at the patient / doctor interface, was a very challenging agenda. Consequently, PiP was delighted to join with The Bedside Clinical Guidelines Partnership (BCGP), who had already developed a methodology and a team approach to developing adult medical guidelines, which had been implemented in many of the PiP Member organisations.

The completed clinical guidelines are available in the handbook.  Unfortunately these are not available electronically to non PiP member organisations .

The guidelines are reviewed on a 2-yearly cycle; they help consultants, junior doctors and nurses maintain high quality and consistent practice.

The guidelines have continued to be successful with the number developed increasing each year; there are now over 90 Guidelines. The 2016 – 18 handbook (7th Edition) is now available to purchase.

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