Chuyên ngành: Phẫu Thuật Thẩm Mỹ

Hướng dẫn quy trình kỹ thuật Phẫu thuật Tạo hình Thẩm mỹ
Fat Injection From Filling to Regeneration, 2e, 2018
Centrofacial Rejuvenation
The Art of Aesthetic Surgery: Principles and Techniques, Three Volume Set
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the East Asian Face
Aesthetic Surgery of the Breast
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of the Abdomen
International Textbook of Aesthetic Surgery
Atlas of Abdominal Wall Reconstruction, 2e, 2016
Mohs and Cutaneous Surgery: Maximizing Aesthetic Outcomes
The Unfavorable Result in Plastic Surgery: Avoidance and Treatment, 4e, 2018
Cosmetic Breast Cases: Results of Online Discussions