Microalgae in Health and Disease Prevention, 1


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Microalgae in Health and Disease Prevention is a comprehensive reference that addresses the historical and potential use of microalgae, its extracts, secondary metabolites, and molecular constituents for enhancing human health and preventing diseases. Each chapter features an overview, and the book includes coverage of microalgae biology, harmful algae, the use of microalgae in alcohol and food, and as sources of macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The historical use of microalgae, in addition to its potential use as a nutraceutical and cosmeceutical, is also addressed.

The book provides coverage of relevant, up-to-date research as assembled by a group of contributors who are dedicated to the advancement of microalgae use in health, diet and nutrition.

Discusses research findings on the relationship between microalgal diet, nutrition and human health
Presents the medicinal, anti-allergic and psychoactive properties of microalgae
Identifies toxic and harmful microalgae
Addresses microalgal lipids, proteins and carbohydrates

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